Friday, November 7, 2008


This past weekend we went to NC... we had a teacher workday Monday and election day off Tuesday, so I took off Monday so that we could stay for several days. We went to South Fork Sunday night and afterwards went to a young couple's house with some friends and were introduced to Rock Band. Although we both had our doubts, as neither of us enjoys "video games," it was incredibly fun. Doug talked about it all the way home. He wants to get PlayStation just so that he can get Rock Band! Monday I had breakfast with Sarah and lunch with Leslie. We visited Doug's Granny Monday afternoon. She had a knee replacement last week but seems to be doing well. His Aunt Iris flew in from Oklahoma to take care of her.

My computer at work has not been behaving at all. I can't open Explorer, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, or Excel. So basically I can't do anything. The computers in the labs aren't bringing up my documents, so I feel quite behind. I really need to send out an e-mail about the Haiti meeting on Sunday, but I can't access the spreadsheet that has all of the team member's e-mail addresses.

Next week Alison Winstead and Jennie Rickleton are staying with us. That will be fun.

Doug takes the GRE Monday! Pray for him!