Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today was a very difficult day. Due to a situation completely out of our control, we had to cancel the Haiti trip... at the airport. LONG story. It was heart-breaking to watch many of the students cry as we told them the news. They have been preparing for months for this trip. And it has been terrible to receive so many questions from parents without being able to give answers.

I have been in shock all afternoon, but we wanted to make the most of spring break, so we decided to do something a little crazy...

We re-packed, came back to the airport, and we are leaving at 11:15PM for Paris.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Girl time

This weekend was girls' weekend in Chattanooga. Elizabeth rented a really cute house for us. It rained all weekend, but we still went on a Saturday outing to lunch, coffee, and cupcakes. The rest of the weekend it was just fun to hang out, watch movies, cook, and relax.

Holly and I also got together with Eryn Thursday night for supper at Com Dunwoody, a Vietnamese-French restaurant (that happened to offer a Scout Mob coupon recently!). Check out our dessert: 3 layers- brownie, cheesecake, chocolate mousse!

When we returned Sunday, Doug and I went to a Haiti adult meeting, Haiti team meeting, small group, and then going-away party for Justin.

We leave tomorrow for Haiti!