Monday, January 19, 2009

Some pictures from Christmas:

Holly's new house in Centerville
Doug with his new Uke
Ric, Doug, Liz on Christmas morning
Hobbes wearing his Christmas scarf
Arlin and Pamela on furlough

Williams' visit ATL

Last weekend  the girls from our small group made soups, stews, and chilis... it took several hours, but now we have a freezer full of meals to take out whenever.  This past weekend Doug's parents came to visit.  On Friday night Doug's mom came to the Whole Foods class I was doing then we watched "A Good Year" at our apartment.  Saturday, we took them to Ikea, Taqueria del Sol, the Bodies exhibit at Atlantic Station, and back to our apartment for supper.  Sunday we went to church and the Flying Biscuit for lunch.