Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Les Jeux Olympiques

Doug is enjoying our home entertainment center (antenna) by watching lots of olympics.  

This weekend we went to Greenville to Vicky's wedding, Thomasville to spend the night, church with the Williams', packed up Doug's bedroom furniture, stayed for his aunt's 60th b-day party, got stuck in traffic at the SC state line, and didn't get back til 10:15 Sunday night.  Yuck.  Monday we unloaded the furniture and rearranged the apartment.  The guest room looks REALLY good now!  It actually looks a lot better than our bedroom looks.  

This weekend the newly acquired furniture will get its first use with Amy and Crystal's visit.

Anyone else want to come visit???

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Entertainment Center

After a year without TV, Doug broke down and bought "rabbit ears" for $9 so that we can watch the olympics.  The picture is not so great, but the sound is good.  We feel a little bit more connected to the outside world, but it doesn't seem like we have been missing much.

Monday, August 11, 2008

First day of school!

I'm so happy it is 3:15!
Today was long!
My throat and feet hurt!
But it was a good first day. I have really good classes! All of my "bad" students either switched schools or aren't taking French this year!

I'm looking forward to a new start and doing new and different things in my classes this year. I want to use more music in class... today I had Carla Bruni and Francis Cabrel playing as the kids entered the classroom. It was a good way to also talk about French politics since Carla is Nicholas Sarkozy's new wife.

Well, time to go home and relax... and maybe work on lesson plans. 4 more days til the weekend!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

La Rentree

Monday is back to work... so we are relaxing and enjoying our last few days of freedom... and also trying to get a lot done!

Yesterday we went to the Social Security Administration office so I could finally officially get my name changed. They wouldn't let me drop or abbreviate Jane... so, my name on my card will be Jane Elizabeth Kittrell Williams. Uggh. I though things were finally going to be simpler with my name! My check card says "J Elizabeth Kittrell Will" my license says "Jane Elizabeth K Williams" and my passport still says "Jane Elizabeth Kittrell."

We also got my car serviced... they told us that A LOT of things need to be replaced/ cleaned/ fixed, etc. Not sure what to do... Doug REALLY needs a new car, as his is not reliable at all. But should we BOTH get new cars??

As therapy for these stressful conditions, we've been doing a lot of yummy cooking. I made watermelon sorbet on Thursday- it turned out really good! We made our own version of a Nicoise salad (without anchovies!) last night with yummy goat cheese toasts. Through Salud, we have discovered a delicous goat cheese called Capricco de Cabra (sp?). This morning I made Doug waffles. Now the creativity is going to switch to furniture rearranging because we are bringing Doug's bed back from his house in NC in a couple weeks. The goal is go get the daybed and the queen size bed to both fit in the guest room without being too crowded