Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Since December

Well... we hosted the Williams for Christmas in Atlanta (first time I've been "home" for Christmas since 2003!) went to Haiti, announced that we were pregnant, I went on the jr class trip to NY, we visited the Hendrixes in OK, we celebrated Nana's 85th birthday in Nashville, I went in a girls' trip to Knoxville, found out at the end of March that we were having a girl,  spent spring break with the Hendrixrs in FL and Atlanta, celebrated Jessi Brimm's wedding in Nashville and my cousin Nathan's wedding in Chattanooga, Doug wrapped up student teaching and launched a huge job search, Doug received his second master's degree AND a job offer from Lipscomb Academy, lovely ladies hosted 3 baby showers for us, we had a Memorial Day weekend trip to FL with my family, we moved to Nashville at the end of June and today I am 38 weeks pregnant. What a busy few months!